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1. What does Eastman offer in Bicycle & parts ranges ?
A:- Complete range of traditional, fancy, racing, BMX, MTB, ladies and gents both, baby tricycles etc. Parts of all the ranges, both Indian as well Chinese ranges bicycle and parts.
2. Why to go for Eastman bicycle and parts ?
A:- Because you get all ranges under one floor, thus saving time, value and complication in sourcing your requirements. Being a very old company into the line, we understand the contemporary need to become your most reliable source Our price reduction technique help to supply you the most economical price without compromising in quality.
3. How can I place an enquiry / order ?
A:- Please refer our website www.eastmanglobal.com (for our Indian range) and www.eastmanglobal-china.com (for our Chinese range) or you may refer our product catalogue (which we can send you if you want). You may select the product of your interest and send us the detail. You may send the requirement details in by filling up our Enquiry format (in this website).
4. How do I feel that you have correctly registered the order placed ?
A:- After receiving your requirement details we prepare Trading Account after consulting our purchase and production department for acceptance. Incase there is any clarification needed we contact you with those details If still clarification is not clear we insist on samples approval. After clarifying the items, we issue Pro-forma invoice/ sale contract for your final approval
5. How can I be sure that Eastman will supply me right products ?
A:- After getting Pro-forma invoice / sale contract authenticated by you and compliance of the terms, we proceed for the production. Because of well known reason that to sustain customer, we need to supply the goods as per their requirements only all stage of production till shipment the process is being followed at different stage by different department and manpower with interlinked contemporary system. Inspection before shipment, if required can be carried out by the representative of customer or any appointed agencies
6. How do I know about the delivery period for my goods ordered ?
A:- The delivery period is usually clear from our sales contract / Pro-forma invoice. Also, we update our customer time to time about the status of their order.
7. What are the payment options ?
A:- The payment terms usually depends upon the country, currency status, customer creditability and various prevailing factors. Volume of business, type of items also taken into account for payment terms. After understanding different modalities of customer, we propose our suitable payment terms accordingly.
8. Why Eastman is best option for quality with pricing terms ?
A:- Because of our unique cost reduction technique, best market reputation locally as well, wide ranges of products, long years of experience, strong manpower force, you can get all your need catered with due care under one floor, which is possible only from a big group like of ours.
9. Why price of Eastman is less with high quality ?
A:- Because of our volume of business our purchase becomes cheaper comparing to our other competitors, with quality remains the high. Our well organized system affects favorably to apply our cost reduction technique, the advantage of which goes to our customers.
10. How do I know about the current status of my order placed ?
A:- Our shipment department will keep you updated about the shipment status till the destination. You may track the status of your shipment on website of the respective shipping company.
11. How do I know that my enquiry is passed on to the right personnel ?
A:- There are different departments territory wise. Your enquiry will be forwarded to the respective marketing head who will forward it to the concerned Marketing Executive handling your country and will in turn acknowledge receipt of the same, directly to you. Thereafter they will follow you directly.
12. Total time for new product development ?
A:- Depending upon the specification of the items which vary from one week to six months.
13. Where can I submit my views & comments?
A:- You can submit your views & comments in attention to “The Marketing Head”. You can fill up the Feed Back format in this website.
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